The Prep & Paint System

At Prep & Paint we use a simple six step process for every house painting project.

These steps are:

Prep & Paint are the best house painters in Las Vegas.
  1. Color Selection and Material Purchase - We use our "color selection software" to help you choose the color (or colors) for your home improvement project. This software will show you what different colors will look like in a living room, bathroom, kitchen and the exterior of a home. All without the stress of picking and purchasing the wrong colors. It is a lot of fun and will even calculate the amount of paint needed. We then calculate the paint and supplies needed for your painting project and go with you to help you purchase the painting materials. See our business model page.
  2. Set Up -All floors are protected with drop cloths, furniture is moved (if needed) to the center of rooms, plastic cover sheets are put down, painters masking tape and paper applied.
  3. Preparation - The rooms (walls, windows, doors, etc.) are prepped for painting. Holes and cracks are filled, minor repairs are made (as needed) and the walls are sanded (scuffed) as needed.
  4. Paint - Repaired areas are primed, and the paint you selected is applied to a uniform finish.
  5. Clean - Furniture and accessories are moved back to their desired locations. Floors and carpets are cleaned and swept. All masking materials are removed and disposed of.
  6. Inspection - The president and owner of Prep & Paint will inspect the project with you. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Note: Our painting process will vary depending on your painting budget and goals. For example; if you are an investor with a short "need to rent" schedule and limited budget, we would spray the interior of the house to be rented with one color. If you are a homeowner, our approach is different. Normally, there would be two colors used (primary and accent) and we would use a combination of rollers and brushes. The homeowner would still save a large amount of money and receive the best painting job in the valley.

How to get started

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