Testimonials about Prep & Paint

This is how some of our customers feel about Prep & Paint. 

We get unsolicited testimonials from our satisfied customers. They are happy because they achieved their prep and painting goals and save lots of money. Sometimes up to 40% of traditional house painting costs.

What they say

We just had several rooms in our house painted. Since we cannot move (we are underwater) we decided to paint and enjoy the home we always wanted. Thank you Prep & Paint. Great work and you were right. I did save almost 40% of my house painting budget (compared to other painting company bids) - Karla T

Thank you Prep & Paint. Great job and I really love the color combination you suggested. - Gene C

I saved a lot of money...my house was painted on-time and on budget. Wow! Beautiful job. - George H

You did a great job. I can't believe the difference (before and after) what Prep & Paint did for my house, being so old and in such disrepair. You really made a difference. - Jerry H

I plan to sell my house next year...Prep & Paint gave me some great advice to help me sell my house faster in a tough market...very professional and great price. I really enjoyed using your color selection software. - Jack T

How to get started

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